2021’s Best Writing Apps

If you plan on writing for the rest of your life, you’ll want to make sure that you’re using the best writing apps available. There are many different types of writers out there, with their own specific needs; this list will make it easier to find which app is suitable for your type of work. From blogging to fiction, here are our top 6 best writing apps of 2021.


Award-winning writing app for Mac. Organize your books, documents, research, and publications in one place while taking advantage of a fast and modern interface that helps you focus on the actual writing process. Ulysses connects seamlessly with all your other devices (iPhone, iPad) through iCloud or Dropbox sync to always have your texts with you.


One of the first apps specifically designed for writers and used by many prominent authors. It is a great tool to organize and outline your novels and short stories with character sheets, timeline management tools, etc., as well as writing drafts in distraction-free full-screen mode. The app also enables you to upload finished manuscripts directly from within the app to your Dropbox account.


Storybook is a simple yet powerful app to create and organize your story ideas. It allows you to brainstorm new plot lines or character arcs and keep track of all the relevant information for each idea (title/synopsis, characters, etc.). The best feature here might be that you can easily share any part of your work with fellow writers via Storybook’s simple sharing tool.


A great option for those who like to write on the go. A distraction-free interface lets you focus entirely on your writing, and a built-in word count tool helps keep track of how many words you’ve written (and rewrites). An autosave feature also enables you to return quickly to any unfinished piece without losing any of your progress.


This app is the ultimate toolbox for all your writing needs. Great for storing research material, organizing notes, and outlining new plots/stories, it also lets you view everything in one place on any device. There are many great features here that allow you to stay focused on getting things done — including a distraction-free mode or a minimalistic interface.

Google Docs

Google’s free app is great for collaborative work with others. It enables you to create, edit, and share documents on the go and save them offline when necessary. The highly efficient built-in editing tools will help you craft your masterpieces without ever having to worry about formatting issues or losing any of your content due to connectivity issues.

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Based in Seal Beach, CA, Richard Foster is an attorney, author, and graduate instructor. For more, visit RichardFosterAttorney.org to stay up to date!

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Richard Foster

Richard Foster

Based in Seal Beach, CA, Richard Foster is an attorney, author, and graduate instructor. For more, visit RichardFosterAttorney.org to stay up to date!

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