Extreme Winter Sports

Richard Foster
2 min readDec 2, 2021

Winter is a season that many people love. It’s a time of year when we get to see snowfall from the sky and enjoy the cold weather while snuggled up in our favorite blanket. However, some prefer winter for different reasons, such as skiing or ice skating on frozen ponds. If you’re looking for something more extreme this winter, then you should consider these very popular winter sports:

Ice climbing

Ice climbers climb steep ice that is usually found in mountainous areas. The climb can be difficult due to the slick surface of the ice, and also because gravity makes it challenging to stay attached to the wall. However, there are few things more rewarding than standing at the top of a mountai n with your toes clinging to an icy slope! Winter athletes like you need to have proper gear when engaging in this activity.

Dog sledding

Dog-sledding is also sometimes referred to as mushing, which typically involves having dogs pull a sled across snow or ice. Sled dog racing has grown in popularity over the past several decades since being featured in popular movies such as “Eight Below” or Disney’s “Snow Dogs.” While this sport is not as popular with humans as it is with dogs, there are still some people who participate in races every year. So if you’ve got a muscular canine companion at home, then you could try having them run sleds for fun!


Skijoring (also known as skijoring) requires the use of skis and a dog to pull you across snow or ice. This sport is illegal in most places due to safety reasons, but that doesn’t stop brave athletes from performing the activity anyway. If you’re interested in learning more about how to engage in skijoring, then I suggest visiting your local library and looking through books on winter sports.


Snowbarding is a fun winter sport where you get to slide down snow-covered slopes on aboard. Most people start with smaller hills and practice their technique before moving on to larger ones. If you’re interested in trying this activity, then I suggest visiting your local sporting goods store and asking an employee for advice on the best boards to use.

Winter can be a time of year when you get to explore new activities and have fun times with friends and family!

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