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Some people can go from writing a paper to writing an article with no problem. But, some struggle between the two and want to improve their style of writing. For those who fall into this category, learning how to write an article that captures the reader’s attention is very important. After all, if no one is going to read the article, then it’s not much use writing the piece in the first place! When writing, one can either use descriptive, narrative, expository, or persuasive writing .

Tips One Can Use To Improve Their Writing Style

Writer Should Always Use Active Voice

Using active voice over passive voice is a great way to improve one’s writing. Active voice is when the subject of the sentence performs an action (subject-verb). On the other hand, passive voice involves having someone or something else perform an action (subject-passive verb). Therefore, active voice makes the writing clearer, thus eliminating longer and weaker sentences.

Short Sentences are Best

Long sentences are hard to follow and can be intimidating for some readers. The writing is more effective when the sentences are short and straightforward. The trick behind using short sentences is ensuring that each sentence carries only one idea. This way, the information will be more clear and coherent for the reader, making them want to read more.

Short Paragraphs Work Magic

Long paragraphs are similar to long sentences. They can be intimidating for readers and also cause confusion in writing. Therefore, it is best when each section only contains sentences that support the same idea . However, one can use long paragraphs when doing academic writing since they need more detailed information to support each theme.

Choose Words Wisely

Another way to improve one’s writing is by choosing the right words. One should always use concrete terms over abstract ones since they are easier for readers to understand and process. Also, it is good practice to choose words that are familiar to the reader rather than using ones they might not understand.

Writers Should Review and Edit Their Work

Once the writer has finished their piece, they should always go back and read through it. This allows them to find any mistakes or incongruities in the writing. It is also a good idea for writers to have someone else review what they wrote too. Sometimes another set of eyes can spot things that might be missed by just oneself.

If writers can incorporate these tips into their writing, they will be able to create clear, concise, and exciting pieces. After all, no one wants to read something if it is confusing or hard to follow!

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