Tips for Writers with ADHD

Richard Foster
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People with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are inattentive and easily lose concentration. Other symptoms include constantly fidgeting, impulsive behaviors, and inability to stay calm. As a result, people may experience profound challenges while writing, making learning difficult. To overcome the problem, one needs to understand the psychological factors underpinning the writing difficulties. Here are three tips that can help people with ADHD improve their writing skills.

Understand the underlying Issues Inhibiting Writing Ability

From the very onset, one needs to understand the underlying issue before thinking of offering a solution. One of the big issues most people with ADHD struggle with is rejection and fear of failure. Many people with ADHD are perfectionists and cannot stand a failure. They are more sensitive to rejection, criticism, or teasing, and telling them to try something they are so sure about the outcome is asking too much from them.

This condition is better described as Rejection-sensitive dysphoria (RSD) . One then needs to find ways of helping such people overcome RSD, including combating the feelings of rejection, developing affirmations, and assisting them not to take things personally.

Remove the Distractions

People with ADHD easily get distracted by things around them. Things like laptops, phones, and television can make them lose focus and consequently their ability to write well. Apps can also be distractive, and not many people with ADHD can write attentively with Apps popping up sporadically. Removing such objects can greatly bolster their concentration. They can also be encouraged to write in places with fewer distractions. For instance, many people with ADHD find places like the library or places with less noise conducive.

Implementing Tools and Medical Treatment

There are many tools that can enhance writing skills for people with ADHD, such as typewriter and Dictaphone. Some make it fun by introducing a sense of competition into the writing. They set short-timers and compete with others who will write fast and accurately. Others play music to help them focus or stimulate their awareness.

It is advisable that people suspected of having see a doctor for treatment. The doctor will carry out a medical assessment to establish signs of ADHD. They can then prescribe proper medication depending on your condition.

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